Educational Books

 Words Can Heal - was created to raise awareness among the nation's youths about the power of   words to hurt or to heal. The Words Can Heal Character Education Program underscores the need to use language that is positive, free from name-calling, threats, taunts, slander and teasing. The program is designed for use in schools, after-school programs and youth organizations.

GOSSIP: Ten Pathways To Eliminate It - Gossip ruins lives, assassinates personalities, splits families, alienates friends, and greatly harms a person's (and company's) finances. Actually, nothing can eat through a company's profits faster than gossip, which leads to hurt feelings, a sense of helplessness for the victims and a general lack of morale.On the other hand, a gossip-free life results in positive interactions with the people around you, heals relationships, makes a company run more efficiently and profitably, and increases one's general level of peace and happiness.

Gossip Tees