My Confession List

My Walk
-I am a new creature in Christ, old things & rememberences are past away.   	
-I have been set Free to love, worship, & trust without fear of rejection.
-I love to pray, praise & worship God.
-I study God's word, I am alert & energized.
-I humble myself & God exalts me.
-I love all people & am loved by all people.
-I see every person & their potential as God sees them.
-I am a submissive wife, no rebellion resides in me. I lay down in submission when required.
-I lovingly & joyously submit knowing this will bring God's changes & blessings to my family.
-I speak to my husband with a quiet voice & spirit.
-I do not try to change others but rather let God.
-I keep my eyes on Jesus at all times.
-I always pray without ceasing.
-I cherish the opportunity to serve my husband & children.

My Spirit
-I operate in all the gifts of the spirit: faith, wisdom, knowledge, discerning of spirits,
   miracles & healing, prophecy, tongues & interpretation of tongues.
-I lay hands on the sick, they recover.  I cast out demons & devils,
   nothing deadly can hurt me.                                       
-I have a teachable spirit & I enjoy reading & studying the word of God.
-I am anointed of God & can feel his anointing & spirit around me & in me.
-I am a spiritual believer &  am judges by no one.
-I have a heart overflowing with joy & all we know can see Jesus in our eyes & life.
My Heart
-I never walk in hate or unforgiveness.
-I forgive all offenses done to me & refuse to be tempted to think on them.
-I have compassion for people & love to bless them. I always edify & build them up.
-I do not judge my brothers & sisters in Christ Jesus after the flesh.
-I cast all my cares on the Lord so he can take care of my problems for me.
-I am a giver, I listen to God & he tells me how to bless others & provides the means.

My Mind
-I do not let my mind wander, reason after the flesh, or think impure thoughts.
-I catch the devil in all his deceitful lies regarding me & others.
-No weapon formed against me shall prosper. Every tongue that rises or has risen 
 against me  in judgement will be shown wrong & silenced.
-I think only on positive things, never negative.
-I do not fear, feel guilty or condemned.
-I refuse to worry about what other people think.
-I do not partake in "reasoning" about others or myself.
-All strongholds, chains, & generational family sins no longer bind me.
-These include: negative thinking, financial & material lack, the spirit of rebellion,
 gluttony, pride, bitterness & unforgiveness & any spirit I am unaware of.
-I am a new  creatures & the forces of evil cannot touch me or bring me down.
-I am a believer, not a doubter. (Mark 5:36).
-I know God's voice & I always do what he tells me.

My Mouth
-I never bind anyone with the words of my mouth but always speak words of faith regarding them.
-I am slow to speak, quick to hear & reject the spirit of offense whenever Satan offers it to me.
-I do what I say I will do & do not procrastinate. I am not passive but deal with everything as needed.
-I speak words of life, not death.

My Health
-I eat right, look & feel great. I am healthy & strong.
-I am thin & my husband thinks I am beautiful & attractive.
-Pain has no place in my body. My husbands back is healed.
-God has dissolved all the lumps from my body.
-We eat only wholesome living foods that are good for us & have no desire to eat junk.
-All my family have healthy bodies & teeth.
-I have a heavy duty mixer, food mill, juicer, & freezer.
-My husband has a full head of hair.
-We trust God in the planning of our family.
-All hereditary diseases have been dealt with at the cross & have no effect on our health.

My Home
-Our closets are full of nice quality clothing & our home if full of nice furniture & appliances.
-Our cabinets & freezer are full of good food.
-Our home is completely refinished & increases in value everyday.
-Our yard & garden grow bountifully. We have plenty to store up & give away.
-Our apartment is a stepping stone to salvation to everyone who rents it.
-We have regular Christian gatherings in our home every week to praise 
& bless God bringing many to salvation
-Our family & friends respect us & want to be around us. They are excited about what God is doing.

My Time
-I have plenty of time to put God first everyday.
-I am not hurried or rushed.
-I am not impatient with my children or husband.
-I am able to get all the projects done around my home that need to be done.
-I always have time to fill the needs of my children & never let them feel that I am to busy for them.

My Husband
-My husband is wise. He makes Godly decisions & is the spiritual leader of our home.
-My husband never stumbles & is full of the knowledge of God.
-My husband is happy to help when I ask him & he doesn't put me off till later.
-My husband enjoys working around the house & getting things organized.
-My husband has won the battle with smoking & no longer desires it at all.
-All generational family bondages: lust, TV, alcohol, smoking, name calling, 
 etc. have been broken & have no effect on him any longer. 
-My husband has a desire to read the bible and does learn & study God's Word regularly.
-My husband has a strong need to see to it that his children are full of God.
-My husband puts his family first, before hunting & fishing.
-My husband run his business in a Godly way. He keeps his promises & does not procrastinate.
-My husband is not bound by Satan or his spirits in any way whatsoever.
-My husband has spiritual eyes that see the evil on TV. He does not allow anything to be seen
 that is ungodly by his children, wife or himself.
-My husband has a real discernment of the spirit world & does battle against it in Christ.
-My husbands wisdom causes him to be watchful of his words, whether they speak life or death.
-I place total trust & confidence in God for the above regarding my husband.

My Children
-My children love to pray & study God's word. The openly & boldly praise God.
-My children make right & Godly choices.
-They have lots of Christian friends, & will lead many souls to the Lord.
-God has set aside a Christian Wife & Husband for each of them & is preparing their hearts even now.
-My children are pure in heart & their conscienses keep them that way.
-My children are a blessing to everyone they meet.
-They are full of joy & not argumentative towards children or adults in any way.
-My children are obedient to all authorities & have no problem respecting  the rules of others.
-My children enjoy helping around the house & ask if there's anything they can do.
-My children rid their rooms of clutter by throwing out or giving away all their excess stuff.
-My children are not destructive & take care of their things.
-My children have an excellent discernment concerning the things of our culture. They are not caught
 up in strange hair or clothing styles.
-My children test all media: TV, Music & Radio against the Word of God.
-My children dress modestly, never sensually.
-My children regard their virginity & keep themselves for their future mates.
-My children are responsible, trustworthy, & honest in every way.
-My children are full of Gods wisdom & accept council from God & their parents without reservation.

My Home School
-Our school Glorifies our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ.
-My children enjoy doing their school work & work hard at it.
-My children see the value in their homeschooling opportunity & feel blessed.
-My children are self-educated, self-directed, & self-motivated with school.
-My children are excellent readers & enjoy reading good books.

My Town
-God has made our home the lighthouse to the families & children in my town.
-A revival has begun in Berlin, causing strongholds to be broken.
-We will plant many seeds in the hearts of the people here & God will use us to draw many to Christ.
-Our town officials are good to us & want to see us prosper allowing whatever we ask.

My Prosperity
-We are very prosperous. We prosper in everything we put our hands to.
-We have prosperity in every area of our lives--spiritual, financial, mental, & social.
-All that we own is paid for. We owe no man anything except to love them in Christ.
-We have more money then we could ever use & were glad about that.
-We give generously to those in need lending to all who ask.
-Our land is considered valuable to someone who buys it from us immediately with cash.
-We have a large passenger van & take others to church.
-We pay our bills on time & ahead often.

I Declare 
-I declare God's Kingdom to reign in our home.
-I declare that the Lord will restore all the years that the locust have eaten.
-I declare that our children & their generations that follow will all be used greatly by God.
 in the families,cities, occupations, & countries that he calls them to.
-I declare that NO SEED from this day forward will be used by Satan.