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Our Words Have Power to Bless or to Curse.
Ill Spoken Words Change the Course of a Persons Life
Forever in the Lives of Their Family & Friends.
It Causes Doubt & Mistrust on Both Sides
& Somehow has a Way of Coming Back
on Those Who Spread the Shame...

Fact: A Gossip Will Eventually Get Around to You…

- What exactly is gossip?
- Why are we so willing to participate in it?
- Is gossip really so bad?
- Is it wrong to enjoy a little gossip now & then?
- And what about negative words, especially when I know I'm right?

That is what this site is about...gossip. It is my goal to separate the lies from the truth about gossip & what it can do in the best of relationships, in the happiest of families. Gossip divides, destroys, shames, angers & separates friends. It never fixes the problem but only destroys the victims reputation. Gossiping will never straighten your neighbor out, cause your sister to be a better housekeeper, or heal a broken fact it will cause just that. A gossip has no bounds & actually holds it listeners captive by assuring them that they will be next if you double cross her.

If you have been gossiped about, it is my goal to bring you bring you peace & to help you work through it. You may not be able to stop every negative word that comes your way, but you can minimize it & the damage so that it does not completely destroy, you, your relationships or your children's future.

I have often thought that when we die that we really will be judged for every mean or negative word that we have spoken in secret against another. Just the thought of this should bring shutters & cause even the best of us to think hard if we have said anything hurtful. Is it possible that maybe the person we have hurt will also stand before the lord as he brings to light our thoughtless words? 

It is a sad truth that people cannot love you for just you, that they are easily persuaded to believe anything, & enjoy participating in the story line of a good bit of gossip. So how are we to cope? how are we to respond without becoming a part of it? 

To say that a person should just get over being shamed by a gossip is a 2nd offense brought against the victim. People often feel this way & usually really just want the whole thing to go away especially if there has been a big fuss. The problem with this is that usually the victim is chastised for feeling angry, & hurt by surrounding friends & family while the shammer gets hardly a mention that they should have been nicer, a mild slap on the wrist. What others fail to realize is that the gossip walks away with an level of control over the rest of those involved. Everyone considers how they act in this persons presence & whether they will admit it or not, know that they could be next if they step out of line.

I sit here saddened as I think of times when I have been shamed before the ones I love & whose who are suppose to know my heart. Yes, I have cried in secret & died inside to a level of joy & trust I once felt. Gossip has affected me & changed me deep within. It has been a shadow in the background of every visit & conversation I've since had with those who have heard my condemnation. In a way, it has become my reality. 

Don't ever think that words are non-important & without force. They are more powerful then anyone can imagine. The things we say really do have power to bless or to curse. When a mother or father is shamed, it carries down to the next generation because it affects how she raises her children. Her focus becomes outwardly divided because she can no longer trust the good intentions of others. There is a form of trickery that goes along with the kindness of others as often people who offer a hand of help now find themselves in an authoritive position to judge.

If I could change one thing in this world, it would be this...

It is true that some things are better left unsaid. that you really do need to walk a mile in another mans shoes & that if you haven't got anything nice to say...don't say nothing at all. God had placed us on this earth to learn a few things, maybe to show some compassion to others less fortunate & hopefully to be a blessing.

The truth is that negative speaking does not ever solve the problem. Even when the gossip true, it will be received as vicious & mean spirited. A mother who is quietly struggling does not need to be told that she's not up to par...she already knows. none of us, have it all right. We all make choices when raising our children, staying with our husbands, or whatever your cross may be & from the outside it can not always be understood. Rarely are any of us where we thought we'd be after 20 or more years & we have all faced hard choices, heartaches & bad misfortunes.

If we could get just one thing straight, in our minds & our hearts, it should be that we speak kindly. To bless is the greatest gift, to speak positively into our lives & into the lives of others is to extole great power.