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Bing Bing Moments

Our Life is like A Garden & in this Garden,
we will always have outside forces that come against us.
We will have weeds to pull & rain, & bugs, & animals.

I imagine my Garden as very beautiful, full of abundance,
full of flowers, paths, a real peaceful haven that I go to.
But I have to guard it constantly against all that tries
to come against it. If I'm not careful, the animals will
eat up what is good & negative weeds will grow.

People will unintentionally plant them in my Garden. If I
water them with agreement, those weeds will grow faster &
bigger then the flowers. The flowers will become deformed.
You see, negative words are like weeds, they grow fast & large,
they draw water & nutrients away from the beautiful thoughs, they
overcome & shadow the flowers drawing away the important things
like joy & peace. As I forget to guard the gate to my heart & mind,
my Garden may become overgrown.

I will enter my Garden of joy & peace less & less until caring for
it is no longer easy or fun or even done at all. If I'm not careful,
the roots will become deeply rooted in my heart. They will no
longer be easy to pull like in the beginning.

The weeds will become part of me...

"My mind is a garden. My thoughts are the seeds. My harvest will be either flower or weeds." -- Mel Weldon

If we knew that tomorrow would be our last
How would we live today?
What would suddenly become unimportant?
What would really matter?

Are you Aware...that if we Died Tomorrow, the Company that we are Working for could Easily Replace us in a Matter of Days. But the Family we left behind will Feel the Loss for the Rest of Their Lives.

We Pour Ourselves More into Work than into Our Own Family, an Unwise Investment, Don't you Think?

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